Are you the shy type? Dancing would help you open up.

So you’ve made your decision to take on dance lessons, you’ve found a class already, you’re through with registration, and you’re ready to go now. Good for you! It’s probably the best thing that you’ve done so far. This would lead you to many opportunities and would also allow you to open up and let people see the real you, behind the shy type you.

So what now? Get ready to have some fun. Chances are you’re going to be nervous, especially if you’re going to be doing this on your own. But hey, don’t worry, here I have with me some real points that would help you gather up the strength to start the first day of your dance lessons at Melbourne’s best dance studio with a bang.

  1. Try not to make it to class too early, I know for a fact a lot of you must be thinking “arriving early” is exactly what we’re supposed to do. This way if you’re going to arrive early you’re probably going to have a very awkward moment, especially if you’re not the party starter type of a person, you’re going to have students who probably have known each other for a long time and are going to be practicing out their five feet from the mirror. I recommend you get there five to seven minutes earlier that way you wouldn’t have to wait too long before the teacher starts her class.
  2. Well, the next thing you should do is stand or sit at an angle where you can see all the students and try spying around to see who’s the second nervous kid around class because their’s bound to be someone, try learning from them and just melt into the atmosphere and be aware of your surroundings, the good vibes, bad vibes and who you think you might to be able to relate to.
  3. Introduce yourself to someone. What are the odds that you may just meet another person whose people watching and hoping to make a friend in this class? Don’t stress about the situation, stop overthinking.
  4. Just walk up there, smile, shake a hand and introduce yourself. Let them know that you’re new around which is obvious. And all you got to do now is wait for them start small talk with you. If they don’t, go on, move forward and learn something. Your teacher is bound to get there and help you.

Active Class

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